Sports Physical Therapy in Minneapolis:
Pain Relief, Long-Term Recovery

Treatment and Therapy for Sports Injuries

Sports Physical Therapy for Injuries

At Minneapolis Health and Wellness, we understand an athlete’s desire to get back to their sport after an injury. We offer sports injury physical therapy for sports-related injuries, as well as sports physical therapy for aches and pain that may hinder performance. Our collaborative healthcare team will provide you with the expert rehabilitative care you need to get you on the fastest path to recovery. Most importantly, we’ll identify and treat the root cause of your injury, not just your symptoms. As part of your treatment plan, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and exercise program that targets the weak links and reduces your risk of re-injury to get you back in the game when it is safe to return to your sport.

Who Benefits from Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports physical therapy can help rehabilitate athletes of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re an occasional weekend warrior or an elite athlete, our number one goal is to help you return to participation even stronger than before.

We offer solutions for a broad spectrum of injuries. A few of the more common ailments and injuries we treat include:

  • Shoulder pain due to impingement and/or tendinitis
  • Knee injuries such as patellofemoral pain
  • Hip pain such as tendinitis/bursitis or impingement
  • Lower back pain
  • Foot and ankle pain such as a sprain, tendonitis or plantar fasciitis
  • Elbow pain such as tendinitis (tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow)

Get Back to Living Pain Free

If you are considering sports physical therapy or sport injury physical therapy for yourself or your child, contact Minneapolis Health and Wellness at 612-750-7168. Our physical therapists are trained in sports-related injuries.
We are also well-versed in many other methods of care, such as chiropractic and massage, that can get you feeling and performing at your best again. We look forward to helping you get back to your previous athletic lifestyle!