Focused Physical Therapy: Bridging The Gap After Treatment

For many PT patients, the end of Physical Therapy comes when the insurance company says it ends. Lots of our patients tell us they’re not ready to go without some follow up options.

Focused PT is the answer. It is designed to fit into your treatment plan as you transition from active Physical Therapy to independent management.

All About Focused Physical Therapy

Focused PT was developed for people who do not require a full one-hour PT session. Most often this comes after your initial physical therapy ends but they can also be used to come in on an ‘as needed’ basis for either wellness care or to manage minor symptoms that may pop up once you are back to your active lifestyle. These are no-nonsense therapy sessions designed to continue the right rehabilitation on the target areas for optimum recovery.

Focused Physical Therapy Pricing

Focused PT is designed to provide you with quality, efficient therapy at a reasonable price. Here’s our Focused PT pricing:

Focused PT Treatment: $50.00 (30 Minute appointment with the provider of your choice)

Focused PT Modality: $10.00 (Add on for one treatment like traction, game ready, electric muscle stim, or similar. Two treatments may be combined for $20.) *Dry Needling is an additional charge of $35.00.

Focused Recovery Treatment
Efficient Combined Appointments for Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Treatment

Focused Recovery appointments are geared for busy people who are focused on a specific recovery goal. Select one or more of our superb care options for brief, to-the-point rehab and recovery sessions. Your appointment with all three – Physical Therapy, Chiro, and Massage – can be accomplished in under an hour.

Focused Recovery Pricing

Focused Recovery Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment + 15-Minute Massage – $60.00

Chiropractic Treatment + Focused PT – $95.00

Chiropractic Treatment + Focused PT + 15-Minute Massage – 110.00

Get the Facts About Focused PT

Focused PT is an entirely new concept. We’re happy to explain it in detail and determine if it’s the right program for you.

For more information, call us at 612-750-7168 or use this link to send us a note.


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