Injury from Accidents

Auto & Work Injury Treatment in Minneapolis

Traumatic injuries (such as from a car accident) and injuries from overuse (such as work injuries) can often cause debilitating pain that impacts your ability to lead a normal life.

There isn’t one kind of injury that occurs after an auto or work accident. It takes an experienced team to identify the cause of your pain and discomfort and to create a plan for helping you recover.

Whiplash Injury

About Whiplash

More than a million Americans suffer injuries from whiplash each year. While many people recover, about half the people who have been injured continue to have neck pain more than a year after the accident. Some continue with chronic pain that can impact daily living.

Whiplash is a difficult injury to pinpoint. Even with great imaging technology, the cause of the pain is not neccessarily easy to identify. Yet, whiplash is a real injury with a real impact on people’s lives.

Chiropractic care, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage have proven to be effective in alleviating pain and creating an opportunity for healing and longterm recovery.

How Minneapolis Health and Wellness Treats Accident Injuries

Our initial examination focuses on determining the root cause, which is essential to long-term pain relief. We complete a detailed assessment of posture, biomechanics, and lifestyle and movement patterns; this helps us determine all contributing factors that can influence both a patient’s healing process and pain.

Following this, we construct a collaborative, multifaceted care plan to not only address the symptoms but also remedy the root cause. Your care plan will be individualized to your needs and will address each contributing factor to ensure the best possible outcome.

During our physical examination, will also educate patients on self-management techniques, exercise programs, and how to prevent re-injury to the area.

As stated above, our care plans are collaborative and team-focused, and the patients plays large roles in their teams. Without patient participation, treatment tends to be much less successful.

When you’re dealing with an auto accident injury or work accident, here’s how we can help:

  • Complete assessment of the injury

  • Treatment plan to get you back to good health

  • Expert care: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage

  • Processing all the insurance claims related to your treatment

Many people undergo a complete treatment plan without any out-of-pocket expense.

For help following an accident, contact Minneapolis Health and Wellness today!

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