Case Studies: DMR Method Success

Case Studies for Minneapolis Health and Wellness

What sets the DMR approach apart is that its foundations lie in clinically proven results. In other words, the approach backed by years of clinical case study research utilizing pre- and post-treatment MRI scans and functional index scores (which track a person’s ability to engage in normal physical activities).

Our non-surgical approach to treating neck and back pain has shown to decrease pain and improve the functional ability of patients and often prevents the need for other invasive and costly interventions.

Research on the treatment protocol has shown:

  1. 100% of patients reported a decrease in ODI (Oswestry Disability Index – Lower Back) scores. The percentage of functional improvement was averaged to be 67.9%.
  2. When adding cervical patients into the data; 96.4% experienced improvements in functional index scores of greater than 50%.
  3. Of those patients with a documented lumbar disc herniation who came in for treatment within eight weeks of injury, 100% had a decrease in their disc herniation by an average of 52.5% in size.
  4. Of those patients who came in for treatment after having symptoms for longer than eight weeks, outcomes were less impressive. Function increased by an average of 45.2%, and 26.67% of these patients had a decrease in the size of disc herniation.

Case Studies for the DMR MethodCase Studies

Clinical case-study research done since 2006 led to the publication of the book, “The DMR Method: Advanced Nonsurgical Care for Neck and Back Pain.” To Request A copy of the book please click here.

DMR Method is endorsed by Neurosurgeons, orthopedists, medical radiologists and osteopaths.

Allied medical professionals including neurosurgeons, orthopedists, medical radiologists, and osteopaths not only contributed knowledge and resources to help develop the DMR Method, but have become one of the largest referral sources!

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