What will My First Visit be Like?
What to expect.

  • Check-In

    After checking in with our Front Desk Coordinator, there will be preliminary paperwork to fill out, and we will gather your health insurance information or discuss our affordable cash plan options. You will meet with one of our health care providers who will discuss your health history and current condition. An examination is typically done on your first visit, and we may order any necessary imaging. If you have previous imaging already done, please bring that with you.

  • Schedule 2nd Visit

    The next step is to schedule your second visit, which is your Report of Findings. To prepare for your Report of Findings, the clinician will review your health history, examination findings, and any appropriate imaging to develop an individualized treatment.

  • Treatment Plan

    When meeting with your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist on your second visit, the treatment plan is reviewed along with any imaging findings. We will answer any questions you may have to ensure you have a complete understanding of the primary condition and other contributing factors that play a role in how you feel and function on a daily basis.

  • Insurance

    We will review health insurance information, but this is not a guarantee of payment. You are responsible for knowing your specific health insurance policy.

  • Treatment

    We will begin treatment and facilitate physical therapy if appropriate. Most of the time a referral is necessary to begin Physical Therapy, which may come from the Chiropractor within the clinic. If you need an MD referral, your Medical Doctor can fax a referral to 612-564-7373.

    As a DMR Method clinic, we have an outside medical department, which may be able to do an evaluation and make the appropriate treatment recommendations and referrals.