DMR Method: Diagnose, Manage, Rehabilitate

DMR Method at Minneapolis Health & Wellness NE

For a while, the healthcare fields of chiropracticphysical therapy, and massage have lacked a reliable system that unites the three practices and provides an order and framework for their administration. It’s the most effective order for massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic care, that the DMR method works to standardize.

This standardization is crucial to reducing patient pain and providing optimal, long-term healing conditions for our patients. Its collaborative approach to patient care makes sure that all members of an individual’s healthcare team understand the patient’s condition and can provide the correct type of treatment in which they specialize.
Read more about the DMR method below from Minneapolis Health and Wellness, Minneapolis’s only DMR clinic.

  • Nonsurgical
  • Non-invasive
  • Individualized
  • Collaborative
  • Methodological
  • Based on years of clinical case study research
  • Designed to find the root cause of your pain
  • Fast, safe, and effective

What is the DMR Method?

The DMR (diagnose, manage, rehabilitate) method course of evaluation and treatment is based on years of clinical case study research and DMR method reviews with the goal of providing rapid and lasting pain relief. Our unique combination of treatment modalities provided in a precise order by a team of physical therapists, chiropractors, and allied medical providers makes all the difference.
The DMR method concludes there is a precise order in which physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic must be administered to a patient to provide the best outcomes for both pain relief and long-term recovery. Alone, these treatments may relieve some discomfort, but their musculoskeletal benefits are best reaped when they harmonize.

Why Our DMR Clinic Gets Results

Many patients may have already been through treatment with some of the individual components that encompass the DMR method, but in the wrong order or the wrong combination. Our clinic is the only DMR clinic in Minneapolis, and therefore, the only clinic with the interdisciplinary knowledge that works to not only provide you with lasting pain relief, but also to facilitate your body’s long-term recovery.
Our DMR clinic views patient care as a team effort. In order to maximize the benefits of their own care practices, massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors must have knowledge of other treatments their patients undergo. At Minneapolis Health and Wellness, we stress this collaborative approach.

Approaches Used in the DMR Method

Our treatment approach includes elements developed specifically for the DMR method by trained clinicians, such as:

  • Progression of joint manipulation and mobilization
  • Massage therapy and soft tissue mobilization protocols
  • Progression of spinal traction

These components all work synergistically to help you achieve rapid and optimal outcomes.
The DMR method provides a framework for optimal treatment, and our collaborative, team-based approach allows our DMR clinic to see each patient as an individual. We fully understand that your treatment must be as unique as your condition is, and we work together to personalize your care.
The DMR method also places a strong emphasis on patient self-care. Though our DMR clinic is staffed by talented professionals, it’s critical that the patient also practice recommended exercises and self care tactics at home to reinforce the work done in the DMR clinic. This ensures a rapid recovery and the minimization of pain. Moreover, it empowers the patient and allows them more control over their own healing process.

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